John Balentine’s bizarre misinterpretation of “American liberty” (“Here’s Something: Do You Still Desire Freedom?”, June 30) is on full display with his renewed attempt to polarize the Independence Day holiday.

The American Revolution was fought and won to procure independence from the British and to implement self-rule. The American experiment as embodied by the U.S. Constitution clearly envisions a system of accountability that empowers the federal government to check state abuses against, or neglect of, liberty. It is in this sense that Americans enjoy “freedom” – the freedom to govern ourselves. “Freedom” does not mean that businesses have impunity to exploit workers, rip off its customers or do whatever they want in the name of “freedom and liberty.'”

Mr. Balentine would do well to reflect on Thomas Jefferson’s disastrous second term, in which the nation had lowered domestic taxes to near zero, suffered a decline in foreign trade and recognized nearly zero revenue of any kind. Having also abolished the Army and the Navy to defend itself, the nation nearly succumbed to attack from a foreign invader in his successor’s next term of office.

In short, I call on The Forecaster to end Mr. Balentine’s column that poorly parrots the talking points of the GOP and the Heritage Foundation. If not, I suggest the newspaper get a columnist who is capable of dismantling his poorly thought-out and logically fallacious arguments.

Ryan Evans