Angela Fall, of the Enclave of Scarborough Assisted Living won the company’s Spark Award. Courtesy photo

Director of Marketing and Sales Angela Fall, of the Enclave of Scarborough Assisted Living, was the winner of their company’s Spark Award. Angela received this at a recent sales conference held in Orlando, Florida.

The Spark Award is given to one person in all three of Bridge Senior Living’s sales regions and is awarded to those who stand out for their “Spark:” personality, enthusiasm and energy. It also goes to a person who embodies the promise, vision and mission of Bridge Senior Living Service Pillars of “show love, serve with purpose, protect with care and exceed expectations.”

When we asked what it meant to win the award, Angela said, “It was such an honor to win this for our region. I come into work hoping to make an impact each day. To be recognized by Senior Leadership feels like a really big deal when I’ve only been with this community for a few months! I’m really passionate about helping people, collaborating, learning, and growing — it means a lot to me.”

For those interested in growing with the Enclave of Scarborough and making a positive impact like Angela has, the team would like to meet you for an interview. The Enclave of Scarborough Assisted Living are located at 18 Black Point Road in Scarborough.

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