Now that South Portland’s Clear Skies Ordinance has been in place for seven years, and Portland Pipe Line Corp. is no longer fighting the ordinance in court, this seems like a good time to look back at some of the dire predictions made by opponents of the ordinance:

• “It will bankrupt the city.” (Didn’t happen.)

• “Hundreds (or thousands) of jobs will be lost.” (Didn’t happen.)

• “Elderly people will freeze to death because heating oil will cost $10 a gallon.” (Didn’t happen.)

• “There will be mile-long lines at gas stations.” (Didn’t happen.)

• “It will drive all the other petroleum storage and distribution companies out of South Portland.” (Didn’t happen.)

• “New businesses won’t come to South Portland.” (Didn’t happen.)

And last but not least:

• “The city will lose and will have to pay PPLC’s legal fees.” (Didn’t happen.)

Adrian Dowling
South Portland

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