As the developer of the Dunham Court affordable housing proposal in Cape Elizabeth, I’m happy to answer concerns raised by residents. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation circulating.

Regarding traffic: A traffic study will be required during the Planning Board process. If changes are needed to intersections because of anticipated traffic, the Planning Board would require a contribution to those expenses as part of the approval.

Regarding the TIF: It does divert 45 percent of the new tax revenue to our project so we can take out an additional loan. However, with the density, height and footprint boost allowed by the zone amendment, our building will generate more overall taxes than a building that could be built within current zoning. This means that the 55 percent of additional taxes the town will receive during the 30-year TIF period is likely on par with the taxes it would receive from a building built with no zone change. After the 30 years, all tax revenue goes to the town.

Regarding parking: We need 76 spaces to comply with zoning. We’ll have 34 on our lot, and will share the remaining 42 with the Town Hall lot. These will include 34 new spaces to be constructed, at our expense, in the rear of the lot.

The amendments we’re asking for are so narrow that it’s unlikely any other development in the town center would qualify for them. The integrity of the comprehensive plan – which calls for developing affordable housing – would not be compromised.

Nathan Szanton
President, The Szanton Company

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