Of all columnists writing in favor of erasing history by not allowing the replica of Columbus’ ship from visiting Maine, Heather Martin’s article is reasonably accurate (“Replica of Columbus’ ship has no business on Maine’s shores,” July 16).

Unfortunately, she completely flies off the rail of historical accuracy in the closing paragraph, where she says, “He (Columbus) brought the first wave of the genocide upon Indigenous nations.”

History shows that genocide was the norm throughout the Americas long before Columbus arrived. We are all familiar with the ritual human sacrifices certain indigenous nations practiced before the Spaniards arrived and ended it.

Numerous archaeological findings also shed light on the butchery that went on between numerous tribes in the Americas. Do a web search on the “Crow Creek Massacre” for one example of inter-tribal genocide. If you have the stomach for it, read the forensic report on how horribly these people died at the hands of their fellow Native Americans.

I am not writing this letter to excuse the horrible things perpetrated by all races during this primitive time in human history. But if you are going to use history to make a point, at least be accurate.

Ted Sirois