I am a resident of Topsham and live close the Androscoggin River, where I frequently use the bridge that connects us to the town of Brunswick. It is time to build the new bridge that has been approved by both towns. This process has been going on since 2016 and has been through all the debate, public input, discussions and a thorough vetting process. The Board of Selectmen in Topsham voted in support of the new bridge with a unanimous 5-0 vote, and the town of Brunswick voted 7-2 in favor of construction.

The new bridge has so many new and improved amenities the entire Midcoast community can enjoy! I am personally looking forward to using the new parks, designated bike lanes, wide sidewalks and scenic overlooks. It is a safe, sustainable, environmentally friendly, beautiful bridge that is missing one thing – CONSTRUCTION! Please build this bridge now!

Antonio Lacroix, Jr

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