John Balentine admits at the end of his article that he is “truly old and curmudgeonly” (“My Olympic frustrations abound,” July 28). In this piece, he is that and much more. To say Simone Biles has a “lack of humility” – WHY exactly should she be humble? Was Nadia Comaneci humble? Do we know this?

The world has changed. To an old-school white guy, she is not the greatest because “she is not the most important.” Most important to who? The generation you grew up in and the average white people you identify with? Have you heard of Tiger Woods? Venus and Serena Williams? What have they done for their sports? Let us also recognize that Simone Biles, like Naomi Osaka, is IMPORTANT to millions of people who struggle with their mental health. That sparkling embellishment may be what it takes to get herself out there to do things no one else has done before. Simone Biles IS the G.O.A.T.

How insulting this is to people who are not like you. Your published words have power. Please learn and do better.

Joyce Dolley