Why would anyone want to eat a vaccinated, chemically treated fish? A fish that has been swimming in a densely populated pen, with a diaper-like system to catch its feces – sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

As a lobsterman for the last 18 years in Bar Harbor, I am completely against the proposed American Aquafarms project. It’s just bad. Large industrial-scale aquaculture has no place in Frenchman Bay or anywhere in the waters of Maine.

Everyone talks about how much we need to grow fish to feed people, but what they don’t talk about is what you are growing, how you are growing it and what it’s being treated with for chemicals and feed.

Did you know that in Maine, the state won’t tell you what’s in the fish feed because it is “proprietary information”? Makes me wonder what people are really eating. Until the state steps up to the plate and rewrites the rules around acreage, we will continue to see projects like American Aquafarms attracted to Maine waters.

Who doesn’t want to own 1,000 acres of the Maine coast? But, no one can except industrial-scale aquaculture – lobstermen and fishermen can’t lease the coast. As a lobsterman who harvests and provides a natural product, I believe that sacrificing places where we have fished for years in order to grow these Frankenfish makes no sense at all.

Curtis Gott
Bar Harbor

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