Forget casual travel to Canada. Between the United States and Canada, the barriers might as well be physical.

The form at the ArriveCAN government website is awkward, but this senior citizen got all the way through, only to find out that there was no way to enter my quarantine plan. Go figure. Stay in Canada for two weeks? Where?

A PCR COVID test is required. Touted as free on many test provider websites, very likely it is not. It is advertised as providing results in 24 to 48 hours. Maybe some do, but Walgreens sent ours to Nashville. There aren’t any labs in Maine?

The samples arrived at the lab two days after we provided them. They may or may not be ready in 72 hours, but even if they are we will not be able to cross the border. What, we drive to the border and wait, hoping the test results come to our phones in time? Cell service is spotty in some areas near the border, so good luck with that.

We are required to present a quarantine plan. It seems that the only option available is to quarantine in Canada, not drive home.

We understand the health concerns of both governments, but it is pretty shoddy to announce that casual travel is now allowed, then to make it impossible for those of us who do not have a place to quarantine in Canada.

Edmund Lewis

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