The proposed Clean Energy Corridor (NECEC) has certainly generated a massive amount of passionate debate. It makes complete sense to me and when I looked at it further it’s a project that I completely support. I did have one question: How could anyone NOT support the NECEC?

The facts about the project are clear enough. The NECEC will bring clean and renewable hydropower to the region and, importantly, to Maine’s electrical grid and then directly into Maine homes. This will provide Mainers with $140 billion in direct rate relief. And because of the suppressive effect new hydropower will have on the region’s electricity costs, Mainers will see an additional $350 million in electric-rate relief over the next 15 years. Our lower income neighbors and friends will see an additional $50 million in savings.

NECEC will be great for Maine’s environment, as well. It will remove 3 million metric tons of carbon from the region every year. That’s like taking almost three quarters of a million cars off the road.

It protects our forests with its small, light footprint, too. Two-thirds of the corridor will run along existing transmission lines. The relatively short balance – about as wide as a bowling lane is long – are in an area where there is already a robust timber harvest industry. A recent Maine Department of Environmental Protection review confirmed the project was fully compliant.

There’s more – 1,600 good-paying jobs. Millions for infrastructure and business development. Simply put, the NECEC is a great deal for Maine.

Marie Gray

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