The next phase of the Back Cove West Storage Conduit project in Portland began this week, closing a section of Baxter Boulevard from Payson Park to Dartmouth Street and a section of Vannah Avenue west of Clifton Street.

The closure is expected to last until December 2022.

The storage conduit project, according to the city is a “critical infrastructure project” aimed at reducing the sewer overflow into Back Cove and Portland Harbor.

Nearby, the sewer separation project on Ocean Avenue is expected to wrap up in November. The road will continue to accommodate only one lane of traffic at a time between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., but will remain open for two-way traffic on nights and weekends. Work crews will be installing storm drains and water main on Walton Street from the Ocean Avenue Elementary School entrance to Canco Road, which will remain one way until work is completed and the road is paved, which is set to occur in October. Walton Street from the school to Ocean Avenue will return to two-way traffic.

More information about the Baxter Boulevard project and Ocean Avenue/Walton Street project can be found online.