Military plays big role in climate crisis

Airshows are a great advertisement for the U.S. Air Force. The planes can be impressive, even for those who adamantly oppose what they do to people all over the world.

Often overlooked is the huge role that the U.S. military plays in the climate crisis. The “Costs of War Project” at Brown University recently calculated that our military has emitted over 1.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases since the start of its failed war in Afghanistan. That is more than the entire country of Sweden.

The severe instability caused by war also impedes the ability of countries around the world to build infrastructure that is not dependent on cheap but deadly fossil fuels.

When you hear the sound of jets during the air show, you hear the sound of wildfires, floods and mass extinction. It is the sound of destruction.

Paul Rousseau,


Brunswick should halt air shows

I had been hearing ear-shattering planes flying over my house all week in preparation for the Great State of Maine Airshow. I do not see any value in this show, which creates pollution in a time when we should be limiting CO2 emission, and glorifies military strength, which we have sadly learned once again, has not made our country stronger, only poorer.

I am asking our town officials and the Brunswick Executive Airport Authority to put a stop to this circus. It may be a money-maker, think of $40 a ticket to attend the “show,” which others will have to suffer through, but it does nothing to protect our defense or peace of mind.

Carl Smith,

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