The Don Campbell Band performed on the waters of Casco Bay Aug. 28 in a “Flotilla to Fight Cancer” fundraiser. The event raised over $30,000 for the Maine Cancer Foundation. Courtesy photo Don Campbell

SCARBOROUGH — The Don Campbell Band, a local music group, recently surpassed a $25,000 fundraising goal to help fight cancer during a concert on the water.

Don Campbell, a Scarborough resident, said that “Flotilla to Fight Cancer,” which took place on Casco Bay, near Cow Island, raised over $30,000 for the Maine Cancer Foundation on Aug. 28. Boaters joined the band out on the water and enjoyed music while contributing to the cause.

Being the first time performing a concert like this, the band thought that the event might reach half of the “lofty” goal first set, he said.

“It was really quite a surprise,” Campbell said. “All the boaters were really generous.”

The event was inspired by cancer impacting Campbell’s own family and friends, he said.

“My mom has been battling terminal cancer, and one of my bandmates is a prostate cancer survivor,” he said. “I’ve lost friends and family members to cancer. It just seems all too common. Every family I know has been affected by cancer.”


As a boater himself, Campbell always wanted to have the opportunity to play on the water, he said.

“I’m so lucky that I can play music for a living, and we have a lot of fans, and I said I’m going to reach out to all our fans to see if they want to help support a fundraiser to fight cancer,” he said. “It’s always been a bucket list item for me to do a concert on the water, and I’ve always been a boater. Boaters are always looking for something fun to do, so I thought maybe we could combine the two, a concert for boaters.”

The Don Campbell Band performing on Aug. 28 at the “Flotilla to Fight Cancer.” Campbell, a Scarborough resident, said he has family and friends who have recently had to battle cancer. Courtesy photo Don Campbell

The desire to battle cancer seems to be a universal goal, Campbell said.

“I think, like me, other families are seeing too much cancer, too,” he said. “Everybody’s touched by it. Everyone has a passion to want to fight it. The beautiful thing about it was we got donations of $25 — we got donations of $2,500. There were all different amounts. Whatever people could afford, they donated. Every little donation made a difference.”

The event has a GoFundMe page, which is still active at, Campbell said.

On Facebook, the Don Campbell Band thanked the organizers, including Portland’s harbormaster, the Falmouth harbormaster and U.S. Coastguard, as well as Saco and Biddeford Savings for contributing the concert’s sound system.

“It is our wish that the funds we have collected for The Maine Cancer Foundation, from our Flotilla To Fight Cancer, help someone to receive some good news in their battle against cancer,” the post said.

The Maine Cancer Foundation’s website says the organization is dedicated to fostering and growing effective cancer-fighting efforts. More information can be found at

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