I agree with Dave Del Camp’s Sept. 9 Maine Voices column (“Twenty years after 9/11, ‘unthinkable’ looks a lot different”). He states, “Twenty years ago, you and I witnessed the unthinkable. Today, ‘unthinkable’ looks a lot different.”

Well, he’s right. It sure does look different, a lot different. Twenty years ago, American flags were proudly displayed. Today, we have Confederate battle flags.

Today, we have Fox News promoting lies and innuendo as fact, under the media mantle, with impunity.

Today, we have a former president inciting rebellion and urging followers to storm the Capitol to overturn an election he lost by millions of votes.

Today, we have this former president’s fellow Republicans sycophantically selling their souls to curry favor and power from a game show host-turned-politician, knowingly lying and pushing dangerous falsehoods about the election and anything COVID-19.

He’s absolutely right. “Today, ‘unthinkable’ looks a lot different” – just not in the ways Mr. Del Camp suggests.

Randy Wakefield

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