It is with a sad heart, a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat that I must let people know how heartbreaking it is to announce that one of the best nursing homes-assisted living facilities around is closing. That, of course, is Country Manor Nursing Home in Coopers Mills.

Words cannot describe the loving caregiving offered to its patients. I can attest to it, as my beloved wife, Diane, was a patient there for the past two years. Over those years, I never saw such devotion to their tasks as everyone at Country Manor. At least for me, they made every day that I visited like visiting old friends, and, over the years, that’s what we became.

As I hugged and kissed my wife goodbye today, on her journey to another facility, I am pleased to hear that others from Country Manor will be going where she is going. Listing the names of everybody I knew would take up too much space.

Gov. Mills just announced that she is releasing that $146 million for nursing home workforce recruitment. Perhaps if she had done so earlier, the labor shortage that is causing all of these closings wouldn’t have happened.

I close by reminding everybody that a medal should be given to everyone at Country Manor for all they did to keep COVID-19 out of their facility. I’m sure God has a special spot in heaven for these caregivers. Goodbye to you and God bless you all.

Frank Slason

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