High energy bills have long been a problem for Mainers. There are many reasons for the high cost, including aging infrastructure and overreliance on oil and gas.

Fortunately, the new hydro transmission line offers a good start on planning for our future energy needs. The more accessible hydropower offers a cleaner and cheaper power option that Maine desperately needs to lower costs and provide reliable electricity.

It’s unfortunate that opponents of this clean energy corridor are trying to stop it from being built. The referendum question they got added to our ballot in November, if passed, would mean the end of this transmission line to the benefit of the oil and gas companies that are funding their efforts.

We just can’t let that happen.

Not only will this corridor help lower costs for Maine’s workers and families, it will help move our communities forward toward a greener era. If we can save money and help our planet, then why shouldn’t we build this project?

I hope everyone says no to Question 1.

Roy Grice