A Buxton Planning Board public hearing Tuesday for a proposed mobile home park got bogged down in a discussion about the water table.

A review will resume Sept. 27 of Dearborn Development’s proposed 14-lot mobile home park on 15.25 acres near the intersection of Parker Farm and Chicopee roads.

Buxton doesn’t have public water and some residents of the area, worried about their wells, urged the board to require a ground water supply survey for the proposed park area.

Planning Board Vice Chairperson Chris Baldinelli said there had been no previous hydrogeological requests for other developments in town.

“I think because its a trailer park it’s being looked down on,” Baldinelli said.

Baldinelli’s comment drew fire from the audience.

“It’s the most insulting thing I’ve ever heard, I’m angry,” a woman said.

At issue is two drilled wells that Dearborn’s project engineer, Peter Dalfonso, said would serve the proposed park.

A number of nearby residents fear losing water supply in their wells. Ethan Kane, 495 Parker Farm Road, raised the question about the amount of available ground water.

Dalfonso said one well on the property supplies 12.5 gallons per minute and added they could have put 18 mobile homes at that site.

Dearborn said the project is meeting the standards for water.

But Gene Gervais, a resident at 521 Parker Farm Road, said “I urge you to have a survey done.”

Planning Board member Scott Warchol advocated a water survey to protect the town, Dearborn and the residents.

After poring over town ordinances, the Planning Board required Dearborn to submit a hydrogeologist survey about the water draw down in the area.

Residents also raised the matter of a mobile home park devaluing their properties. Kane asked for proof about an impact. Planning Board Chairperson Keith Emery said the mobile homes would be brand new.

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