So let’s see. It’s been nine months since Joe Biden was elected president. How’s he doing?

We have a hostage situation in Afghanistan. Our NATO allies don’t trust us, nor should they, Russia is making noise in Syria.

A flotilla of gun-equipped Chinese coast guard ships attempted to approach five fishing vessels off one of Japan’s islands, and China also sent warships into our exclusive economic zone off Alaska, with a warning not to interfere in Chinese affairs. And don’t forget North Korea. They launched a few missiles to remind us of their potential threat.

Meanwhile, back home, while we still have a home, “wokeism” now rules the military, making it more concerned with racial and gender equity than national security. The majority of our national media is aiding and abetting enemies of state by keeping the masses uninformed.

The education system has become a threat to our future by producing a populace of citizens incapable of critical and rational thinking. Our Department of Justice is corrupt top to bottom. And we’re growing a permanent class of adolescents who expect womb-to-tomb provisions like free education, income without working, perpetual welfare. God help us.

Jack Gagnon

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