I would like to commend News Center Maine (WCSH) for two recent initiatives. First, the regular segment “Verify” is excellent. It checks whether stories that are trending on social media and Google searches are accurate or are just misinformation being passed on.

Second, the “Truth” segments featuring various members of the News Center Maine Team is welcome and long overdue in these trying times. Reporting without an agenda is critical as the public deserves to know what really is happening on the global, national and local levels.

These initiatives are important as cable news and social media thrive on unsubstantiated information, rumors and conspiracy theories. People want to believe things that are aligned with their perspective and giving them “what they like” builds ratings and sells more advertising. Rupert Murdoch and the Fox machine do an excellent job of giving people what they want, but be assured the motivation is not truth – it’s money.

Craig Kinney

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