Due to concerns about dogs running loose on fields at Casco Community Park, the Casco Select Board will discuss drafting a leash ordinance for all town properties at a meeting Oct. 5.

“If we’re going to have a policy on canines and domesticated animals it should be for all facilities, not just one,” Town Manager Anthony Ward said at the Sept. 21 Select Board meeting.

Board Chairperson Mary Fernandes said specifics of the draft ordinance haven’t been discussed yet.

“We’ll have to review it in thoroughness so it’ll be as fair as possible to all,” she said.

The draft ordinance would “protect the town of Casco from any liabilities attributed to animals,” Fernandes said.

The policy to be discussed and possibly included on a town meeting warrant should be straightforward to limit misinterpretation, Vice Chairperson Robert MacDonald said.


“People interpret the rules and regulations to their own benefits,” he said. “Your dog may be the most gentle, under control animal in the world,  but you never know when something might trigger it and someone could get hurt.”