Having money in hand is an absolute lifeline, especially right now. I’ve only been able to work part time over the past year and a half, so this helps with the necessities, like food and enough to cover sports equipment.

I’m grateful that I was able to qualify for unemployment benefits after having to resign from my full-time job to stay home and care for the kids. But unemployment only pays out a certain percentage, and so it has been a struggle keeping my head above water. That money was used for necessities and was instrumental in keeping the lights and phone on, food on the table, gas in the car and a roof over our heads.

School is now back in session on a full-time basis, but here I am starting over from scratch. Several students from our school have already had to quarantine, which not only makes for a very uncertain future but also presents daily concerns.

I’m doing my best, just as most of the people who have been collecting unemployment are trying to find their way and their place, as we hold our breath for that call that our child must stay home and quarantine.

And so, with state and federal unemployment benefits having expired, the advanced payments of child tax credit are what I will be relying on in the foreseeable future. We need Congress to consider keeping this advanced tax credit permanent, because right now nothing is certain.

Rebecca Dukette

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