I lost my cute little gray coin purse, made in a foreign country. It was gifted to me by a woman I played Scrabble with at People Plus in January 2019. I was more upset about the lost purse than the credit and SNAP cards inside it.

On Sept. 9, I had been shopping at Hannaford and left the coin purse in my jacket pocket instead of returning it to my big purse.

The next day, a Friday, I looked in my big purse for that credit card to pay for my breakfast at Panera but could not find it. I looked everywhere, in my car, my apartment and my brother’s apartment.

I got really panicky. I prayed to find it. No matter how carefully I looked, I could not find it.

I called a friend that afternoon. She told me to call my bank and the Department of Health and Human Services immediately. I told her I would wait until Monday. I wanted to wait to search the Hannaford parking lot.

You will never guess what happened. I would have never guessed what happened! That Sunday evening, a manager at Panera said she had a small gray coin purse and brought it out to me. I told her God had answered my prayers.


As I drove home, I remembered that, as a teen, I would pluck petals off flowers and say: “He loves me. He loves me not.”

Now I say about God: “He loves me. He loves me.”

Nothing is better than God’s great love.

Lucy Derbyshire
Lisbon Falls

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