In my first session as Yarmouth’s state legislator, I had the privilege of serving on the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. I heard hours of testimony that laid out the case for the damage that we citizens of Maine have inflicted upon our beloved state over the past many years.
This summer alone we have all witnessed the death and destruction caused by severe weather across the United States such as hurricanes, floods, heat waves and wildfires. Scientists have more and more evidence all the time that these extreme weather events are made more frequent and intense by climate change.
But there is good news: Our youth will lead us. Green Voices Society, a student group at Yarmouth High School, is urging the Yarmouth Town Council to join other Maine municipalities in bold climate action. They are advocating for Yarmouth to adopt the Climate Emergency Resolution. Declaring a climate emergency will help pass other climate policies in our town, including climate curriculum in our schools.
Passing this resolution sends a message that young people in Yarmouth can make a difference and their voices are heard in local government. In a time of looming calamity, we need hope for the future. Creating a climate action plan gives the town and our residents that hope. I urge you to join our youth and support the Climate Emergency Resolution, which declares a climate emergency for our town and takes bold action on the climate crisis.
Please join me in advocating that the Town Council adopt the Yarmouth Climate Emergency Resolution on Oct. 7!
Arthur Bell, Maine state legislator
House District 47 (Yarmouth, Chebeague and Long Island)