Thank you for your front-page story Sept. 19 on Cathy Moulton’s unsolved disappearance 50 years ago. Hopefully it will result in new information and a conclusion to this case.

My family moved to Portland the weekend before school started in 1970. Deering High School could be a difficult place for a new kid. I was assigned as Cathy’s lab partner during our sophomore year, and the recollection of Cathy’s mother, Claire Moulton, that Cathy sought to be nice to people certainly was my experience. Although things got better, Cathy was one of a handful of people who made that first year bearable.

When she disappeared at the beginning of our junior year, I remember being both confused and scared for her, partly because there was so little coverage about it. Whenever there has been a story of a missing person since, it has been difficult not to think of Cathy. Your story highlights how she and her family were let down, but now, perhaps, someone will show kindness to Cathy’s memory and family by coming forward with new information that can bring closure. She deserves better.

Jim McGowan

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