The North Yarmouth Fire Company’ hopes to raise $100,000 to give its 1960 Series 60 Chevrolet/Admiral truck a permanent home. Contributed / North Yarmouth Fire Company

The North Yarmouth Fire Company wants a permanent home for the first brand new fire truck it ever purchased, back in 1960.

Company members hope to raise $100,000 to build that home for the 1960 Series 60 Chevrolet/Admiral truck behind their building on the Village Green.

“The biggest piece for me is having a spot for our antique fire truck and being able to do upkeep on it,” Fire Rescue Chief Greg Payson said.

Tt has been kept at the home of a fire company member since it was retired from service in 1986.

An architect’s rendering for the old fire truck’s new building.

“So we have to get permission to go on his property every time we go,” Payson said. “This way any of our members will be able to go and tinker on the truck, wax it, wash it. It will really just help to preserve the history of that vehicle.”

The truck has a special meaning to the fire company because it was brand new when it came on board. Prior to 1960, the company only bought pre-owned fire trucks.

Payson said they hope to break ground in the next couple of weeks by clearing some trees in the area.

“It’s still early. All we’re doing right now is clearing the lot and doing the groundwork,” Payson said. “I don’t think we’re going to put a foundation in since we’re getting so close to winter. We wanted to have some movement on the project to visualize where it was going.”

The fire truck won’t be the only piece of North Yarmouth history housed in the structure. The company plans a museum of sorts, with displays of antique Matchbox cars, their trophies from past competitions and their collection of “fire marks,” small, metal markings were nailed to the sides of houses in the 17th and 18th centuries. Fire companies were private then and would respond only to fires at buildings that were insured. The markings let them know which buildings were insured.

Anyone will be welcome to contribute any local, historical firefighting items for display in the new building, and a plaque will feature their names. The fire company hopes to set specific public visiting hours, but those details have yet to be worked out.

Fire Company President David Hyde said he hopes the building will serve an educational purpose.

“The truck has sentimental value to members of North Yarmouth,” Hyde said. “My thoughts on the building would be that it will be educational. You can hopefully bring members of the community or anybody who wants a tour to come and learn about how the fire company has worked over the years. Things have really changed dramatically.”

If all goes as planned, the fire truck shelter will join the Old Town Hall on the Village Green. The North Yarmouth Historical Society broke ground last month for a foundation for that old building, which will be moved from Memorial Highway to the new site.

Donations for the fire truck building can be made via check to North Yarmouth Fire Company, 10 Village Square Road. Any questions can be directed to Payson at [email protected] or to Hyde at [email protected]

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