On behalf of Maine friends Sam Cady, M.D.; small-business owner KC Hughes; Lisa Morris, Ph.D., and Jesse Wall, owner of TruStrength Fitness in Norway, we agree with the Sept. 19 editorial, headlined “Our View: The last, best chance at major climate action,” in the Maine Sunday Telegram (Page D2), the Kennebec Journal Sunday and the Sunday Sentinel. As a group of people with various perspectives, we’ve come together to emphasize the importance of making climate action global. When it comes to climate change, we are the world. We all share the same atmosphere.

Pricing carbon (fossil) fuels can be made global with a border adjustment on imported goods from nations that fail to aggressively price emissions. It will create the most effective reductions while also having the best chance of enduring governmental changes. An increasing price on fossil fuels does not pick winning technologies. Instead, it will encourage innovation and action throughout industry and for nearly 8 billion worldwide consumers.

Aggressively pricing carbon emissions at the refining or mining level is a necessary first approach. Returning revenues to people fulfills the concerns of many for fairness in climate action.

We ask that MaineToday newspapers lend its voice to this urgent effort.

Kevin Butterfield
small-business CFO

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