For those wringing their hands over the Biden $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Plan, consider the fact that the Bush and Trump tax cuts went predominantly to the rich to the tune of $3.4 trillion. While the Biden plan will fund climate change mitigation, free junior college, child care, lower prescription drug costs, and hearing and dental coverage for seniors, the Republican tax cuts that Sen. Susan Collins supported helped fund those magnificent yachts that visited Casco Bay and Northeast Harbor this summer.

Susan Collins now stands strong with Mitch McConnell and her other Republican colleagues, like Ted Cruz and Rick Scott, against any spending aimed at helping the rest of us.

Do these Republicans want to do away with Medicare and Social Security? How about the oil industry subsidies that they support? Socialism for corporations is fine but helping hard working Mainers is not their priority. If it were, Sen. Collins would be holding town halls (only kidding) promoting the Biden Build Back Better Plan.

Tom Mikulka
Elders for Future Generations
Cape Elizabeth

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