SCARBOROUGH — Scott Townsend is celebrating 20 years in the real estate business.

Specializing in residential, vacation and luxury real estate in greater Scarborough since 2001, Townsend has proven himself to be a leader in the industry, according to a company statement.

Townsend says he attributes a great deal of his success to the outstanding coaching and mentorship he has had along the way. “From our first meeting together, Scott was eager and open minded,” said longtime Keller Williams coach and mentor, Mark Richards. “He understands the value of client relationships and investing in people. He and Sunny are respected by their peers and have assisted hundreds of clients with their real estate dreams.”

Over 80 percent of Real Estate agents don’t make it past their first year in the business, according to a company release. Scott’s 20 years of leadership in the industry and community are a testament to his market adaptability and expertise.

“Scott Townsend is one of a kind,” said Brad Knowles, team leader at Keller Williams greater Portland. “He is intuitive, trustworthy and a true professional but his most admirable quality is how much he cares. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with Scott and his team, you understand what it means to be in great hands.”

“Choosing to be in business with Scott and Sunny has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life,” said Director of Sales Katy Foley. “Their commitment to excellence in the industry and to their team is second to none. They embody the spirit of ‘Kaizen’ — continuous improvement in all things, and have created a culture where all things and dreams are possible. I know because I am living proof. Much respect and gratitude to them for sharing those 20 years of experience and learning with me and the team!”

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