The COVID-19 pandemic caused many people to skip important cancer screenings because they were worried about their safety. Thankfully, medical centers, doctor’s offices and screening facilities are now open, and staff are working hard to keep patients protected.

If you or a loved one should ever be diagnosed with breast cancer, our expert teams at New England Cancer Specialists are ready to support you through the journey. Our highly personalized model of patient-centered care means the comfort of having a team of medical professionals who know you and your unique story. We are also committed to providing all patients with the latest treatments and therapies, including scalp cooling technology, to help women reduce hair loss during treatment for cancer.

We see the impact of cancer diagnoses every day, and we know that early detection is critically important. It means more years with your family, watching your children grow. It means more holidays and more special occasions with the ones you love.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we want to remind everyone about the importance of breast cancer screening. During the month, our teams at all NECS offices will raise awareness to encourage women to get their annual mammograms back on the calendar.

Early detection and diagnosis for common cancers – like breast cancer – may save your life. It can identify cancer at its earliest, most treatable stages. This may mean less extensive treatment, with fewer side effects and long-term health issues. It’s important for people to maintain control of their health and connect with a local clinician to get their recommended cancer screenings back on the calendar.

The most important screening test for breast cancer is the mammogram, an x-ray of the breast that can detect breast cancer up to two years before the tumor can be felt by you or your doctor. Wondering when you should get a mammogram? Women age 40-45 who are at average risk of breast cancer should have a mammogram once a year. Women at high risk should have yearly mammograms along with an MRI starting at age 30.

Since everyone’s situation is different, we urge you to talk with your doctor about the best screening schedule for you.

To spread the message to all people that it is safe and important to resume recommended cancer screenings, we are proud to be supporting the Time to Screen effort with CancerCare and the Community Oncology Alliance. Like New England Cancer Specialists, these two trusted national non-profits are dedicated to ensuring access to high quality cancer care for all people – and safeguarding your health and well-being through doctor-recommended cancer screenings.

We encourage everyone in our community to visit, a new FREE resource that helps connect people to convenient screening locations. The site answers your questions about screening, safety during the ongoing pandemic, and helps you find a screening location close to you. The bottom line is, it’s safer to get screened than to put off your mammogram any longer. Please talk to your doctor and get it scheduled!

It’s Time to Screen. Call 1-855-53-SCREEN or visit to learn about the benefits of screening and to find a convenient screening location for you.

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