I would add to Mr. Panis’ Oct. 6 Maine Voices column about the dilemma around municipal parks vs. dog parks the word:  Birds. To my knowledge it was never mentioned as one of the problems with dogs having access to all venues.

For years I spent many happy spring days in Hinckley Park, finding warblers and birding with friends. Then the amount of dogs in Hinckley Park increased to the extent that birding was impossible for me.  Birds and dogs do not get along.

There seems to be no park or beach in South Portland that excludes dogs.  The solution is a dog park – a good dog park.  I don’t believe enough time was spent in South Portland searching for a proper setting for a dog park.

Dogs deserve a place they can play together without harming the environment, and the people in a community that would like, once again, to be able to be in a park or on the beach without fear.

Claudia Hughes
South Portland

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