When it comes to climate change, there is an immense and very powerful elephant in the room. It has caused storms, melting ice, droughts and floods around the world. But few people are aware of it. Even most media aren’t aware of it, and those that are don’t share it with the public.

Well-known public figures, who have been involved with climate change – such as Al Gore, Bill McKibben and Bill Gates – don’t tell us about the elephant.

They know that this elephant, when revealed, will be uniformly rejected by everyone. This elephant is responsible for releasing more carbon dioxide and methane than all our cars, trucks and planes combined. And, probably burns more fossil fuels than are used for heating all of our buildings.

In his well-documented book, “Food Is Climate,” Glen Merzer tells us about the elephant, what it is, how it came about, how strong it is and, most importantly, what three actions we can take to stop it. The elephant in the climate room is animal agriculture, the mass production of cows, pigs and chickens for food.

Merzer tells us that the worldwide slaughter of animals for food must stop if our kids and grandkids are to survive. We must go vegan and end the raping of land and seas. He also tells us that we must plant billions of trees. These are the main thrusts of what we must do to prevent the elephant from causing complete disaster.

Len Frenkel
South Portland

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