SCARBOROUGH – Robert “Robbie” Moulton, retired police chief from Scarborough, has been named the Ethel N. Kelley award recipient at the 85th annual Maine Municipal Association Convention held virtually on Sept. 30.

The award, MMA’s highest honor, is given annually in recognition of Ethel N. Kelley, who served in multiple capacities at MMA including acting executive director. Criteria for the award include municipal officials that exemplify the best in local government by having a straightforward selfless concern for people, a demonstrated capability and willingness to “hold the community together,” longevity of conscientious service and dedication to the cause of good local government.

Moulton devoted his entire personal and professional life to his hometown — a local boy made good in a 44-year career with 22 of those serving as chief of police. Coworkers said that Moulton has leadership and vision that has transcended the walls of the department. Some of the cited accomplishments include:

The application cited Moulton’s humility, kindness, and desire to keep the organization moving forward, as reasons why he was so deserving. Two such programs include: launching operation HOPE which is an initiative designed to assist those struggling with substance use disorder which has given over 500 individuals a chance in recovery; and development of a Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program in Scarborough which allows officers to refer people for aid to underlying issues like mental health, substance abuse, or homelessness rather than arresting them for minor violations.

Outgoing MMA Past President and chair of the selection committee Christine Landes said “The selection committee identified Robbie as a professional and exemplary leader in every sense of the word and is the perfect fit for the prestigious MMA Ethel N. Kelley Memorial Award.”

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