Due to NIMBYism, Portland could not find a single site that wasn’t protested by residents. Why would we expect to find four?

Putting this issue back on the city’s agenda will delay people from receiving the help that is desperately needed. The peninsula is expensive and land is scarce. Riverside has ample space to build a spacious facility with amenities for residents.

Having services in multiple places causes problems. People looking for shelter for a night might get bounced from one place to another, depending on capacity, causing transportation issues and confusion. Four buildings would need to be maintained, cleaned, stocked with supplies, heated, protected and staffed by caseworkers, food providers, medical personnel and facilities management workers. Intake paperwork, medical records and individual files would be at multiple sites, potentially causing mistakes and confusion.

Having services in one central location ensures that people will know exactly where to go, that staff will be available to assist them 24/7, and that security measures will be in place to provide safety. One centralized shelter is safer, more efficient and less complicated for people who need help.

Jody Huntington

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