We can do more about global warming than buying electric vehicles, limiting air travel and recycling. We can eat sustainably raised meat. And – lucky us – we live in Maine where we can buy beef, pork and chicken from small local farms.

According to the World Resources Institute, 25 percent of global warming and world pollution is from large factory farms. Meat producers are cutting Amazon forests to grow grains that can be fed to cows, who cannot digest them without antibiotic medicines. Industrial farms pollute our rivers and lands and air with manure pits.

Can we be responsible for what we eat, knowing that it impacts the health of the Earth?

If our small Maine farms thrive, and if our supermarkets offer less and less industrial-raised meat and more locally raised meat, then I will believe that we are becoming serious about solving global warming. Our world cannot recover without help from each and every one of us.

Margo Donnis
South Portland

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