Vote Spelke, Timberlake for MSAD75 board

We are writing in support of Amy Spelke and Mike Timberlake’s campaigns’ for Topsham seats on the MSAD 75 School Board. As former board representatives ourselves, we have been disappointed to see the lack of civility and common purpose at recent meetings. We want to see Board members who focus on the best interests of the children of Topsham, Bowdoin, Bowdoinham and Harpswell and who collaborate with their fellow board members, educators and administrators to implement the best policies for our young people’s education.

This is what both Amy and Mike hope to do. They do not have other agendas, nor are they grandstanding types. Both have had children who went through the schools and Mike’s has a freshman and a senior at Mt. Ararat this year. We appreciate their willingness to stand up and do the hard work of serving the district in a calm and thoughtful way.

Please join us in voting for Amy Spelke and Mike Timberlake for School Board on Nov. 2.

Denise Tepler and Tim Glidden,

We need to rethink clean energy

The CMP Corridor is about moving power from a source to a point of use. The world is experiencing the effects of using and distributing these sources of power. Is there truly any clean way to do this? Hydro power from Hydro Quebec may not be as “clean” as you may expect given what I have read about decomposing plant life in the reservoirs behind the dams. But the hydro dams are already built and not going away. A large part of the corridor has been cleared. If this corridor is stopped and what has been built removed and the land allowed to replenish its tree growth over time, what is in mind to replace this project? Would we continue to use fossil fuels to produce the needed power?

We need to stop randomly doing these projects just because someone can make a profit. There needs to be a plan of how best to energize our country and in fact the world. The solution will require resources found across multiple borders. The solution might not even be profitable. This process must be a worldwide endeavor. The process will disrupt industry as we know it. The disrupted industries need to be brought on board and included in the development of the system that rises out of this process. This will require a high level of communication and trust that the world has never tried before. The end result must provide a system that is available to all people. It must take into account its impact on all plants and creatures that inhabit this world because that impact will determine whether the process is correct. I think that the capability of people to do this is available. I think we need to do this. I hope that those who can start this process will work together and make it work.

Robert Stevens,

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