How old is old? I did not meet my old friend on Facebook because I am not a member, nor do I “post.” But someone recently regaled me with stories about how she loves it, spends hours on it, and through Facebook she connected with an old friend who she knew in second grade.

My old friend has also chosen not to be a member of social media, but somehow we manage, via phone and email and in person, to stay in touch, still being friends after 65 years. Both of us married and had children but kept our friendship going. We are on the short list of each other’s friends.

Due to our advanced ages, we communicate more frequently. Last night, he called from California, to ask how I was, having heard my raspy voice when we last spoke, and he was concerned. An old friend, who really cares, does that.

So consider yourself lucky, as I do, if you have such good fortune.

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