Poor health care access sickens too many Maine people. Even with insurance, high deductibles limit access. Most Maine residents know a friend or family member who suffered unnecessarily or died. This is scary for everyone. Moreover, in 2021 the U.S. ranks LAST in health outcomes and FIRST in cost among 11 comparable nations.

Medicare for All is deadlocked at the federal level, so a state like Maine must demonstrate a path forward. Saskatchewan led the way for Canada. The 10 countries with lower costs and better outcomes employ differing systems. We must urge our Legislature to design a system for Maine. Adjustments and tweaks tried in Maine and other states proved ineffective.

Concerned private citizens and health care workers yearning for an equitable and effective health care system founded Maine Healthcare Action, a nonprofit 501(c)4, in November 2020. Maine Healthcare Action proposed a resolve requiring Maine’s Legislature to draft publicly funded, comprehensive health care legislation covering every Maine resident, and to implement it by 2024. Such legislation would increase residents’ opportunities to live the healthiest life possible, no matter where they live or how much money they make.

Our hard-working volunteers have collected many petition signature pages, but to get the resolve on the ballot in 2022, we need 63,037 valid signatures by the end of January.

To lower health care cost and provide universal access, sign our resolve petition at your polling place. Everyone wins when we succeed together.

William D. Clark, M.D.
Vice-chair, Maine Healthcare Action Board