I’ve read a lot of your coverage of Question 1, and a lot of the information on the Natural Resources Council of Maine website. The “yes” on 1 arguments don’t quite convince me.

I don’t like the argument that the energy corridor is all for Massachusetts’ benefit, and there is nothing for Maine. It plays upon Mainers’ antipathy toward Massachusetts residents, where what’s really at stake is the health of the region, the whole environment. I’m feeling like it’s time to take on some big projects to address climate change, not find fault with efforts that aren’t just exactly right.

The “protect Maine’s wilderness” argument seems to overstate the damage done by the power line. Industrial forest land gets logged all the time, a lot more than the impact of the power line. Once the poles are in place, I don’t see where the wildlife will suffer much at all. Whereas global warming puts all life at increasing risk.

It’s tough to separate disdain for CMP from the issue of the desperate need for renewable energy. I’m still leaning toward renewable energy, as much as we can get, as fast as we can.

Tim Spaulding

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