I couldn’t agree more with Barbara Vickery’s Oct. 7 Maine Voices column. She is absolutely right about the dire need for reducing carbon emissions. I have dealt with a lot of environmental issues in Maine over the years, and I am always careful to study a project before supporting it. I can say with absolute certainty that the New England Clean Energy Connect is a step in the right direction toward fighting climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

The amount of electricity we use as a region is projected to double as we move to stop powering our cars, heating our homes and powering our industry with fossil fuels. It’s a crucial step in the path to a decarbonized future but in order to make it possible, we need clean fuels to supply the power. Clean Energy Connect does just this, bringing 1200 megawatts of clean, renewable and affordable hydropower to the New England grid.

This project has gone through an extensive multi-year, multi-agency approval process. Every step of the way, the impartial experts at these agencies have carefully reviewed this project and concluded that it is good for Maine and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Contrary to what you may hear from opponents, the corridor runs along existing transmission lines and over land that has been commercial timberland for over a century. The people who suggest otherwise haven’t bothered to consult the extensive public record. I will be voting to preserve our environment and to ensure that the future of our state is powered by clean energy. Vote “no” on Question 1!

Richard Anderson
Former Maine Commissioner of Conservation

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