Republicans abandoning American values for personal gain

Like many of my generation (Baby Boomers), I never imagined I would see the turmoil of a third-world country play out in America. Democracy seemed to be the steel backbone of the U.S. and no one in their right mind would ever consider threatening our way of government.

Since the Jan. 6 insurrection by traitors committing treason in DC, my sense of confidence in our country’s system has been rocked out of complacency.

In the pursuit of re-election, Republicans such as our Susan Collins, are abandoning American values of democracy for personal gain.

Their recent actions have been to make voting more difficult and skewed to their selfish needs.

I can think of nothing more unAmerican.

I hope I live long enough for history books to call our current turmoil an aberration.

I dread that I live long enough to see our country gerrymandered for a selfish few ignoring the wishes of the majority.

Michael Hudson,
Support the Carbon Fee and Dividend Act

When an opportunity came up to move home to Maine after college and grad school, I jumped. The hills, trees and chilly autumns have been calling my name. But I’m worried they won’t be the same: it’s almost November, and there still hasn’t been a frost. Climate change may not be burning our coast to a crisp yet, but it’s already taking a toll on our weather, wildlife, health, and economy.

The good news is that with the reconciliation package, we have a real chance to nip these frightening trends in the bud (recent floods, fires, and droughts are just a sneak preview). Leaders in economics, business, and science agree that one of the best ways to reduce harmful emissions quickly is to put an economy-wide price on carbon.

Carbon pricing — like the Carbon Fee and Dividend Act currently in Congress — is a lot more productive than just a gas tax. First of all, it would give the fees it collects from fuel emissions directly back to individuals and families in monthly payments they can spend as they choose. By using the market to discourage fossil fuel emissions, it would also avoid big government regulation and incentivize innovation and jobs in renewable energy. (Solar and wind are actually already cheaper than gas.) Things in Congress have been moving awfully fast, but I have hope that the reconciliation bill can include carbon pricing like this.

Rep. Pingree is already co-sponsoring the Carbon Fee and Dividend Act. Thank you! Sen. Collins, Sen. King, and Rep. Golden: putting cash back carbon pricing in the reconciliation package offers a meaningful opportunity to protect the climate and give folks a financial leg up. Please jump for this chance. Help us preserve “the way life should be” at home in Maine.

Sorrel Dunn,

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