The spirit of Halloween is alive and well with supporters of the CMP Corridor. Recently, Chris O’Neil (my father) wrote an op-ed trying to scare us to death. I’d like to offer an opposing view, and express my total support for Question 1.

My reasoning is very simple: Maine doesn’t need to serve as an extension cord for Massachusetts. We should let Massachusetts select from one of the other 44 bids to fulfill this project, and instead focus on achieving our renewable energy goals.

CMP has fought against clean energy reforms in Maine for years. The CMP corridor wasn’t about climate change until CMP executives realized they would have to get buy-in, in the form of this referendum, from Maine voters before their profits could ever be realized.

But don’t just take my word for it – a spokesperson for CMP told us (at 1:19:02) the corridor is not intended to address climate change.

I hope you will join me in voting Yes on Question 1.

Maggie O’Neil
State representative, Saco

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