Jeremy Gabrielson, Susan Gillis and Timothy Reiniger were elected to at-large Town Council seats  Tuesday in a close four-way race.

The vote was 2,281 for incumbent Gabrielson, 2,247 for Gillis and 2,214 for Reiniger. The fourth candidate, Victoria Volent, received 2,209.

The candidates, much like Cape Elizabeth residents, were split on zoning amendments to permit the building of The Dunham Court project, an affordable housing development planned for the town center.

Gabrielson and Volent favored the amendments while Reiniger and Gillis were opposed. The amendments were passed in October but may now be put to voters in a referendum after more than 1,000 residents signed a petition to overrule the council’s vote.

For School Board, Heather Altenburg, Elizabeth Scifres and Kathleen Curry-Sparks were elected Tuesday in a seven-way race for three at-large seats. Altenburg, an incumbent, received the most votes with 2,178. Scifres, also an incumbent, received 1,818 votes and Curry-Sparks received 1,663 votes.

David Hughes came in fourth with 1,422 votes, Kejda Gjermani in fifth with 1,226, Samantha Lowe in sixth with 1,117 votes and Audra Gore in seventh with 591.

A plan to replace the Pond Cover Elementary and middle school buildings and renovate the high school, which is expected to be part of a referendum question in 2022, was a source of divide amongst some of the candidates. Hughes was skeptical of the proposed plan, while Gjermani outright opposed it. The other five candidates, including the three winners, support the plan.

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