Last Tuesday night was our sixth wedding anniversary, so we decided to celebrate at one of our favorite restaurants — Montsweag Restaurant in Woolwich.

The two of us went through the Falmouth school system together for 13 years, then didn’t see each other until 45 years later when a reunion brought us together. We did not travel in the same social circles during our school years — he being a semi-juvenile delinquent/rebel/drag racing/cigarette-smoking/class skipping/ gearhead, me being a goodie two shoes.

Reminiscing about those school years, something about our conversation caught the ear of a young couple sitting at the table next to us, so we chatted off and on with them through the dinner. As they got up to leave, they wished us a happy anniversary and thanked us for the conversation.

We finished a short time later. As we started to leave the table, our waitress came over with a big smile on her face and said, “The couple sitting next to you paid for your dinner.”

Wow. What a sweet gesture. Thank you, lovely people.

Paula (and Gordon) McKenney,

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