Gray voters have approved an expansion of the town manager’s role along with two other charter amendments.

Results of Tuesday’s vote were released Thursday, a delay caused because the ballots needed to be hand counted, according to Assistant Town Clerk Kailey Hanley.

With the 1,513 to 1,029 approval, the town manager’s job will now include the duties of tax collector, town treasurer and general assistance administrator. The manager also will serve as road commissioner, although he or she is allowed to appoint someone else to that position. The town manager will also have the ability to appoint, remove and fix the compensation of the town clerk.

An amendment regarding public hearings for amendments to land use ordinances passed 1,850 to 731.

Voters also approved a change requiring the town auditor to submit a report to the Town Council 180 days before the end of the fiscal year. That amendment passed 1,840 to 730. The original deadline was 90 days prior to the fiscal year’s end.

Gray voters also approved all three state referendums on the Nov. 2 ballot.

The citizen initiative to ban the construction of the Central Maine Power transmission corridor passed 1,576 to 1,049. A $100 million bond to improve state roads and bridges was approved 1,798 to 849. A constitutional amendment to give all Mainers the right to grow and consume their own food passed 1,654 to 904.

Of the 7,039 registered voters in Gray, 2,671 cast ballots for a 38% turnout.

This story was updated Nov. 5 to include the results and clarify the intention of the amendments. 

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