A crew last week removes the last of the Community Center’s original basketball goals. Chance Viles / American Journal

Height-adjustable basketball hoops and a retractable batting cage will debut at the Westbrook Community Center gym this week.

The new hoops have modern glass plating with easy controls to change the height. The old hoops were from 1975 and in disrepair. Fixed to the walls, they could not be lowered for young players.

“We were using makeshift hoops for kids who needed it under 10 feet,” Post said.

The batting cage will be suspended from the ceiling when not in use, and can be divided in two for younger players. It complements two smaller batting cages at the gym and will be used by Supernova Baseball and Westbrook Little League.

“With Maine’s winter, having five to six months of cold weather it’s hard to get kids active outside, so having a long cage and one that allows you to pitch and other activities, it’ll encourage our kids to play baseball,” said Westbrook Little League President Ruddley Emerson. “We start our hitting in January, and we use the current hit pit four nights a week for softball and baseball, so the extra cage is huge.”

The gym project was funded through $36,000 in donations from Cornelia Warren Community Association, Paper City Hoops, Westbrook Little League, Westbrook High School Boosters and Supernova Baseball, and the city will contribute $13,500.