Although seldom, if ever, mentioned during all the heated discussion these past months, the 2018 New Hampshire rejection of the proposed Northern Pass transmission line relates to Maine. The New Hampshire route proposed by developers Eversource and Hydro-Quebec was Massachusetts’ first choice. It was not Maine.

And the New Hampshire landscape surgery was to be mostly underground, which would seem better than the approach proposed for Maine.

Eversource said it was “shocked and outraged,” according to The Associated Press, and vowed to appeal the New Hampshire decision. They did, and lost.

You can Google “NH rejects Northern Pass” for more information. Of interest should be how long it took each state to reach a similar decision and the processes used.

I now better understand why so much was spent to ensure Maine did not react like New Hampshire. Too much money was spent over too much time in Maine in my opinion. I wish some of the money could have been shared with those in need in this state.

Charlie Galloway

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