A recount held Nov. 11 in a four-way race for three Cape Elizabeth Town Council seats confirmed incumbent Jeremy Gabrielson and challengers Susan Gillis and Timothy Reiniger were the winners.

Challenger Victoria Volent requested the recount after coming in fourth Nov. 2, just six votes shy of Reiniger and with 72 votes separating her from Gabrielson, the highest vote-getter.

Recount results released by town officials show Gabrielson received the most votes with 2,281, Gillis followed with 2,251 and Reiniger, 2,216. Volent was six behind Reiniger with 2,210 votes. In the recount, Gabrielson had the same number of votes, Gillis gained four, Reiniger gained two and Volent gained one.

The four candidates were split on zoning amendments that would permit the controversial Dunham Court affordable housing project in the town center. Gabrielson and Volent approved of the amendments, while Gillis and Reiniger were in opposition.

Those amendments were approved by the council Oct. 13, before a group of residents filed a petition to force the decision to a referendum.

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