As a part-time resident of Washington County and supporter of 2nd District Congressman Golden, I was disappointed to read that he opposed the much-needed Build Back Better bill because it restores the ability of taxpayers to deduct state and local taxes over $10,000 for federal income tax purposes because he thinks it helps millionaires.

True, it does help those with high income, but it primarily helps millions of non-millionaire Americans, that, like us in Maine, live in states with high income and property taxes. The cap was imposed under Trump’s administration to punish Democratic-leaning states in which many high-income people live.

But the cap also hurts ordinary people and the local communities that depend on the willingness of their residents to pay local taxes needed to support schools and basic municipal services. Perhaps Rep. Golden’s position will lead as he hopes to maintaining the cap on incomes above a certain level. But if it doesn’t, I hope he will reconsider his position because it both threatens the likelihood of passage of the much-needed Build Back Better bill and hurts many Maine non-millionaires and Maine municipalities, including those in the 2nd District.

Robert E. Stevens

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