I liked Mike Lowe’s article regarding high school wrestlers who, unlike the participants in every other indoor winter sport, won’t be required to vaccinate against COVID-19 (“Maine officials drop vaccine requirement for high school wrestlers.” Nov.18)

Wrestling is a contact sport.  As the parent of a Maine high school wrestler, I can tell you they give each other skin rashes, etc.  Asking straining athletes to wear a mask is stupid, because those will fall off.  When (not if) masks do rip, the unvaccinated will get sick (or pass it on).  I understand there’s a referee staffing issue. But that’s not a problem; instead, it’s a low-wage question. If you pay a living wage, then people will do the work.

All public high-school students, especially athletes, can be required to be vaccinated.  They’re on contract not to use drugs, so a vaccine could be included.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is welcome to play another sport, especially outdoors.

John Prendergast

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