Two distinctly different recreational cannabis experiences can be found in the Old Port, on Spring Street (between Temple St and Cross St). Stage Cannabis and Portland Greenhouse’s corner is the perfect cannabis stop for all. The cannabis corner is conveniently located a few steps away from music venues, restaurants and shopping.  Our ample parking makes it easy for you to browse at your leisure or simply pick-up your pre-order.

We welcome new users and “Canna”seurs to discover the best of Maine’s renowned array of cannabis products.

Photo Provided by Portland Greenhouse

Portland Greenhouse is Maine’s hidden jewel of a store. Unassuming, highly knowledgeable with unparalleled products.  Our unique approach to the adult use market still prioritizes health and well being above the sale. Through our doors, you will experience a non-intimidating and inclusive atmosphere whether a newbie or experienced cannabis consumer. Our bud tenders are highly trained and capable of ensuring everyone leaves with their questions answered and needs met.  Our products are chosen with the utmost care and discerning pallet. Vetted, ethically sourced, local and non corporate… the absolute best that Maine has to offer. Plant Medicine and Science over Stigma is our motto.  Within the walls of our cozy store is what is quickly being dubbed the secret of town, a 100% enjoyable, unprecedented experience.

Stage Cannabis is where cannabis meets music. Our curated selection of Maine products includes flower, pre-rolls, vape, edibles and beverages, featuring its signature non-alcoholic THC-infused Paloma, which hits all the right notes for the perfect chill to complement your Holidays parties. Its team is ‘rock stars’ when it comes to recommending products, particularly if you are new to marijuana or seek Maine’s latest cannabis releases.

Its décor is inspired by music, with local artist posters, concert pictures or iconic albums. A mural designed by a local artist sets the mood with its dancers.

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Our teams are ready to welcome you at the Cannabis corner of Maine.

For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Stage Cannabis license #AMS382 and Portland Greenhouse license #AMS143